Welcome to ART Ringtone Maker!

ART Ringtone Maker - the best and easy way for building you own ringtones.

ART Ringtone Maker allows you create nice ringtones directly from your music audio files for any phone models. You may convert any part or full song to ringtone. Visual editor, ID3 tags editor, Effects (Normalize, Fade in, fade out) and many other options (quality, compression, file name).

ART Ringtone Maker - the best and easy way for building you own ringtones.

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Main features of ART Ringtone Maker

  • Easy-to-use and friendly interface
  • Convert music mp3 files to ringtone mp3 files
  • Supported music files: mp3
  • Supported ringtone files: mp3
  • Supported any models of mobile phones / PDA / communicators / Smartphones (Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic and other) with mp3 playback
  • Simple step-by-step interface
  • Visual Ringtone Editor
  • Tags editor
  • Internal player
  • Quality Editor (Bad, Good, High and Custom)
  • Basic effects: Normalize, Volume Fade In, Volume Fade Out
  • File names control

Visual Ringtone Editor Ringtone Tags Editor File editor, Effects, Quality (Bitrate, Channels)

Ordering Information

If you decide to keep it, you have to register and pay the registration fee. Registration benefits: lifetime technical support including support via e-mail, FREE upgrade to all new versions, and product notification by e-mail. You can register your copy of ART Ringtone Maker at a cost of $15. Select one of the following ways:

Getting program updates

If you are a registered user of ART Ringtone Maker you may upgrade at no charge to any newer release. Just download the latest trial release of ART Ringtone Maker and install it without uninstalling the previous version (don't forget to close previous version of ART Ringtone Maker if running). This will preserve your registration. If the registration code is no longer present on your system just re-enter it as you did the first time and restart the program.


Can ART Ringtone Maker convert mp3 to ringtone?

Yes. You may convert any mp3 file to ringtone.

Can I make iPhone ringtones? Ringtone for my iPhone?

Yes. With ART Ringtone maker you may create iPhone ringtones

Can I convert mp3 file (change bitrate and quality)?

Yes. You may change quality of your mp3 files or ringtones.

Can I free download and test your software (without registration)?

Yes. Visit our download page for free download ART Ringtone Maker for testing.

Can I make Nokia Ringtone, Sony Ericsson Ringtones or Motorola Ringtones?

Yes. We use universal mp3 format. If you mobile phone support mp3 file as ringtone.

Can I use your software in commercial purposes (sell ringtones, make ringtones CD)?

Yes, but only with business license. See our purchase page.

Our Plans

  • More supported formats for source files: OGG, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV
  • New formats of ringtone: OGG, APE, WAV

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